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Xactus delivers verification data right to Encompass



Automating repetitive tasks

Xactus brings together five of the nation’s leading verification companies into one platform that streamlines operations and eliminates repetitive tasks. Lenders can easily access credit reports, undisclosed debt verifications, employment verifications, FraudPlus, and liens and judgements reports through Encompass® by žžƵ® to meet customer demands for a modern mortgage experience with industry-leading speed, reliability, and accuracy.

Eliminating stare-and-compare document verification methods is a top priority for lenders who are trying to protect margins by gaining efficiency and reducing errors. Xactus has embraced mortgage lending automation and made it accessible to all lenders by developing automated document verification. Automated document verification enables lenders to close loans faster, with greater profitability. Their seamless integration with Encompass makes Xactus a perfect solution for žžƵ customers like Mutual of Omaha Mortgage and The Federal Savings Bank, who have both seen significant gains through their partnership.

2023 ICE Innovation Award Winner

Xactus won the 2023 ICE Lenders’ Choice Award for working with žžƵ customers to access verifications for credit, employment, Social Security, and undisclosed debt all within Encompass. They’ve worked with ICE customers, The Federal Savings Bank and Mutual of Omaha Mortgage, to improve their access to order data points they need to close loans. Xactus solutions enhance the verification process by bundling verification services and seamlessly plugging that information into the loan lifecycle. Lenders can access data through automated milestone ordering, reducing operational costs and creating efficiencies.

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The challenge

Lenders need a streamlined way to access order data points for verification services throughout the mortgage lending process.

The solution

Build verification integrations with Encompass so lenders can access credit, Social Security, employment, and undisclosed debt verifications right inside of Encompass.

"Xactus is defining and enhancing the modern mortgage, which is more than just a digital mortgage. We're focused on more than just tech. Human interaction is necessary to fulfill today's customers' needs. With ICE, we've been able to reach out and do exactly what customers need as quickly and efficiently as possible to give them real support."

Greg Holmes
Chief Revenue Officer, Xactus

Benefits and results

Leveraging Partner integrations

Automated verification integrations from Xactus are built right into Encompass, so lenders can access all verification data from a single environment throughout the loan lifecycle.


Increase in detection of undisclosed debt


Reduction in costs for verification of employment


Place to access all verification data

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