Solution Provider Partners

žžƵ’s® Solution Provider Partners include developers and independent software vendors (ISV), who innovate on top of the žžƵ Digital Lending Platform, and offer advanced solutions to our customers.

About the Solution Provider Partners program

Thousands of mortgage companies use žžƵ solutions to drive their lending business forward—and now, you can share your technology solutions with all of them. This sanctioned program provides a secure and efficient process for software developers to build and integrate software solutions with Encompass® for the benefit of žžƵ customers.

  • Gain direct access to APIs and the žžƵ Platform
  • Leverage žžƵ documentation and resources
  • Market to žžƵ customers at upcoming events and programs (e.g., Experience annual user conference, Marketplace by žžƵ, and more)
Become a partner

by žžƵ

The one place lenders can find and connect with žžƵ’s vast community of partners to access trusted, integrated solutions that expand and enhance their digital workflow within the žžƵ Platform.