A suite of Fannie Mae solutions integrated within Encompass

Drive a more efficient lender and borrower experience using Fannie Mae solutions within Encompass®. Through these integrations and with additional workflow options, lenders can originate loans quicker, lower costs, and reduce time to close.


“žžƵ is a key partner for us. They are a front door for access to Fannie Mae’s products. The tools that we’re able to bring to market in our partnership can really enable process efficiencies and a better borrower experience.”

Cindy Keith
Director, Product Development, Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae solutions integrated within Encompass include

  • Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) & Desktop Originator® (DO®)
    Delivers an in-depth eligibility and credit risk assessment, while providing freedom from many reps and warrants (Day 1 Certainty®) and greater speed and simplicity for property value, income, asset, and employment
  • 𳦰™
    Helps identify potential eligibility and/or data issues at any point in the loan origination process
  • Uniform Collateral Data Portal® (UCDP®)
    A single portal for electronic submission of appraisal reports
  • UCD Collection Solution
    Confirms that closing data meets Fannie Mae eligibility requirements and enables transfer to correspondent investors
  • Desktop Underwriter & EarlyCheck Automated Workflow Streamline processes to save time and reduce manual effort
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Direct benefits of these integrations include

Seamless integration of Fannie Mae tools with Encompass

A suite of tools for every stage of the loan lifecycle

Single system of record

Data automatically syncs with Encompass

Access to innovative Fannie Mae offerings

Appraisal Waiver and Day 1 Certainty integrated into Encompass for significant operational efficiency and time savings

Automated workflows available

Automated workflow for DU and EarlyCheck, plus the ability to drive workflow from Appraisal Waiver and Day 1 Certainty findings to increase efficiency